Great Ways to Keep Your House Clean child is a whirling dervish of disaster. Dirt seems to follow him everywhere. You may love his view of the world at the moment and the way in which he explores it, but it may also irk you to no end all of the things he makes necessary for you to clean on a daily basis. By incorporating the following habits into your life, not only will your house stay cleaner longer, but it will save you tons of work in the long run.


  1. Pull comforter to pillows

white blanketWith your bed taking up so much space, make your room look a lot cleaner by pulling the comforter up to the pillows for a more refined appearance. Plus, you won’t necessarily have to make your bed and the chaos will be down to a minimum.

      2.  Start with laundry

More than likely, there’s always some laundry to be done and when you wake up in the morning, start with a load of laundry that will be done around the time you finish breakfast. After they are clean, throw them in the dryer and move on to other chores. A load of laundry a day is the goal to have in place.

      3.  Dry the sink

dry sinkAfter you have cleaned your hands in the bathroom sink, take a few more seconds to wipe down the counter and the sink to remove spots and stains and maintain a clean appearance.

      4.  Unload dishwasher before breakfast

So as soon as anything else gets dirty, it can go to the dishwasher immediately and you avoid a pile of new dirty dishes on your counter or sink. You can clean the dishes at night right before bed so they will be clean when you rise.

      5.  Leave shoes at door

shoes on matEliminate the use of a steam cleaner by leaving your shoes outside. This will easily cut down on the amount of debris, leaves, mud, and other bacteria that tends to get tracked into homes when wearing shoes. Take shoes off at the foyer or entrance of the house and you can reduce the times you have to clean your main floors.

      6.  Tidy living areas before dinner

There’s no time like the present, so just before dinner begins, take a few minutes to straighten up the main areas of the house before the rest of the family comes in and has their meal. Have your children help out for optimal cleanliness.

      7.  After dinner, take a bath

woman in tubOf course, a shower is nice, but a bath is even better, and having a regular ones actually gets your body prepared to sleep as the warm water relaxes muscles and helps you to wind down after a long day. For those with kids, one parent can wash the children as the other does the dishes to cut down on time.

      8.  Prepare for the following day

After the children have gone to bed, prepare as much as possible for tomorrow, including lunches, meal prep work, and any ironing. Also be prepared to set any items needed for tomorrow near the front door or pack them away in the car.

      9.  Eliminate junk mail

Contact the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and have your name removed from any junk mail lists, a move that can save you as much as 80% less junk mail in your mailbox.

     10.  Buy less items that come with packaging

shoppingThe less packaging you purchase, the better the environment is, so try to cut down on items that come in lots of unnecessary packaging.

      11.  Go to  farmers market, use a food delivery service, sign up to CSA

Every town has a farmer’s market featuring cheap organic produce and a food delivery service can have items delivered to your door that saves time and money. A CSA can deliver everything from meat, poultry, eggs, breads, and more at a fraction of the cost.

      12.  Weekly house blessing hour

cleaning the doorSet aside at least one hour a day to bless the house and motivate yourself to clean. A change in mindset is the best way to keep you satisfied enough to keep the house as clean as possible.

      13.  Purge

Don’t be a hoarder! Make a box where you place items that you don’t need and then prepare to send them off to charities once it is filled.